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Christmas in Stratford upon Avon – things to do

Stratford upon Avon is a truly magical town and Christmas adds a special sparkle to its ancient streets. Christmas arrives, not with a bang, but with a flick of a switch setting off a glorious dazzling display of overhead decorations. If you stand at the junction of Bridge Street and High Street – great spot to take photos – you can really appreciate the magnificent lights in all directions. Feel the wonder of Christmas around you.

Sometimes markets fill the streets offering a plethora of gift ideas. Gaily decorated stalls add to the enchantment of Christmas. The stall holders, dressed to keep out the chilly air, warm their hands around a mug of coffee, stamp their feet to aid circulation and give a warm welcome as they sell their wares.

Historic buildings, picturesque inns, delightful warm cosy eateries, the Shakespeare links and a town steeped in history are there to explore and enjoy. A slice of cake or a mince pie with a hot drink will surely recharge any flagging batteries.

Stratford Town Walk is there to help you explore the magic of Stratford and make the best use of your time. The guided Walking Tour includes tales of Shakespeare, old fashioned cures and sayings, historic buildings and so much more all explained by your own friendly, professional guide.

Stratford Town Walk offers:
A daily walking tour 365 days per year (even Christmas Day!). 21+ years of experience
A visitor attraction with multiple awards
Trip Advisor’s ‘Certificate of Excellence’ and ‘Hall of Fame’
The ‘Best Visitor Attraction’, ‘Best Walking Tour’, ‘Best Experience’ 
Customer Discounts – save money when visiting Shakespeare’s Birthplace, Schoolroom, Butterfly Farm and more

For more information, walk times and booking, please visit:
Telephone: 07855760377

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