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Our Policy – Stratford Town Walk welcomes visitors with disabilities.  Our aim is to ensure that all visitors, including those with a disability are treated with respect, made to feel welcome and to have as full and enjoyable an experience as possible.

The Equality Act 2010 in general, considers someone to be disabled for the purposes of the Act if they have a physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on their ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities.

Our Commitment – Stratford Town Walk will endeavour to make all reasonable adjustments to offer extra help/assistance, or make changes to the provision of its service.

A disabled visitor, or someone would appreciate extra assistance, is invited to contact Stratford Town Walk by telephone or email to discuss their individual needs.

Wheelchairs and mobility scooters can be hired from Stratford Shopmobility, situated at Bridgeway car park, CV37 6YX. Daily use is free, longer usage will incur a charge.

Accessible Map and guide for Stratford upon Avon Click here to downlead.

The Town Walk
The daily guided walk is an easy walk and suitable for everyone.  It is wheelchair friendly and the guide will endeavour to use the dropped-kerbs, but direct anyone to a nearby droppd kerb if necessary.  The duration of the walk is approximately 2hrs.  The guide will walk at the pace of the slowest in the group.

The Ghost Walk
The evening ghost walk route is similar to the above, except the duration is approximately 1 1/2hrs.  It is advisable to state additional needs when booking, so that the guide can amend the the route if necessary.  E.g. avoid steps or uneven ground for wheelchair users or anyone with a mobility impairment.  In addition, the special Halloween ghost walk may include admission to a building where easy access is not possible.

Ghost Cruise and themed Cruises
The themed cruises are run in partnership with Bancroft Cruisers.  The provision of the boat, crew, safety and refreshment is the responsibiltiy of Bancroft Cruisers and the provision of the entertainment is the responsibility of Stratford Town Walk.  Two boats are available for the themed cruises, both are covered boats with emergency toilet facilities.

The Rita Ellen – The Rita Ellen, newly built in 2009 has a lift to provide access for all users.  The toilet is accessible to wheelchair users.
Princess Marina – The Princess Marina has 3-4 steps for access, so not suitable for all users.  There is no accessible toilet provision. 


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